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Beckoi was born from the love of the hobby that begun from a goldfish that was rescued from the sewer in 1997 (aka Turd).  In 2009 we built a 45 x 20 green house to hold tanks to grow small Japanese Koi to sell along with all the products that are needed for having a pond (Fish,Food,Filtration). Soon to follow we decided to get into Aquaponics a closed system for sustainable farming practices as well as designing and constructing greenhouses for various applications. We are now famous for our Jurassic floating water cabbage that we grow in the tilapia tanks.


2090 Commercial St SE.
Salem, OR 97301

Peters and Sons Koi

Since the business started it has been his goal to find the best quality Koi available in every price range. With this in mind Russell began going to Japan in 2002 and from his first trip to Japan he began to develop a personal relationship with Shoichi Hosokai of Hosokai Koi Farms. Within a couple of years Shoichi’s son Masaru took over Hosokai Koi Farm and the relationship developed on a whole new level. Shoichi Hosokai was now free from most of the duties on the farm and began to introduce Russell to many of the breeders in the Ojiya area. Relationships have been developed with Torazo, Abe, Otsuka, Marusada, Hiroi, Sekiguchi, Kase, Dainichi, Marusei, Hasegawa, Jirosuke, Hoshikin, Teradomari, Maruboshi, Koda, Kaneko, Matsunosuke (Yamamatsu), Choguro, Suda, Izumiya, Isa, Aoki, Mano and Shinoda.

In 2005 Shoichi gave Russell an introduction to Toshio Sakai of Isawa Nishikigoi Center. This introduction led to PSKoi becoming the US Dealer and Agent for Toshio Sakai (INC). Toshio Sakai is also know as “Matsunosuke” and he has been responsible for many of the improvements in Koi that have led to many of the standards of the day. Toshio Sakai is known as the “Innovator” and has been passing a long a lot of his knowledge to Russell. This relationship, and knowledge, has allowed Russell to have access to some of the best Koi available. As the relationship has developed with INC Toshio Sakai’s son Toshi has been coming into his own. With this, Russell has been developing a relationship with Toshi that will bring more good things.

In April of 2013 Russell made his first trip to Hiroshima, in Southern Japan, and has begun new relationships with Omosako Koi farm, Momotaro Koi Farm, Tamaura Koi Farm, Matsue Koi Farm, Sakai Company LTD and Taniguchi Koi farm. Russell will be making trips to Southern Japan every February and April to build on these new relationships and continue to develop new relationships with other breeders.

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Cascade Pond Supply was developed with the express intent of making the pond shopping experience quick, easy and affordable.

With our easy navigation, and site search features, you will be able to find what you are looking for in the least amount of time possible.

We offer free shipping on some of our top selling products. We offer price matching on select items.

Naturally – should you need any help in deciding on the right equipment for your project you may always feel free to contact us for advice by using our contact page with a link located at the top of every page throughout the site.

We thank you for stopping by our site, and we eagerly look forward to serving your ponding needs with quality products at competitive prices, and expert advice.

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