You are invited to be a part of Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club!

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a member of the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club!

    • A Monthly Newsletter full of tips and insights.
    • Monthly meetings having a wide range of events, from lectures, fish auctions, to an annual barbecue!
    • Opportunities to partake in special club member-only events.
    • Supporting the Koi Keeping hobby through our Community Outreach programs and our affiliations with the AKCA, ZNA, and the PNKCA.
    • Having fun helping put on club events, such as our Annual Koi Show, Koi Auctions, and Monthly Meetings.

Our dues for a standard membership are only $20.00 per year, per family, with a USA mailing address and email address for club communications and newsletter delivery.  All rates payable in US Dollars.

Of course, the best reason to join is all the shared information of experienced Koi and pond keepers!

Thank You ZNA Members

Thank you to the following for becoming or renewing their ZNA Membership for 2023 to the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club, ZNA NW Chapter.


Jay Avery Bill Layman Brady Layman
Chuck McAllister JD Dargis Joan King
Laurie Miller Larry Christensen Gwenna Eckert
Joel Rutledge Galen Eggert Nicholas Gitts
Andres Stutzman Chris Charbonneau Lori Whitley
Robert Wilson Joseph Jenkins Erwin Santos
Doug Fredrickson Bob Finnegan Joan Finnegan
Millie Layman Tony Prew Sarah Cox
Dr. Tim  Miller-Morgan Sandra Dobbins  

Membership Options!

Through March 23, 2024 you have 3 different membership options when joining The Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club (NWKGC)! 

Just click on the titles for more information about each level and to join today!

  • Standard Membership:  Our standard membership is just $20.00 per year per family!
  • ZNA Membership:  For $115.00, our ZNA Membership includes all the benefits of our standard membership, extra benefits only for ZNA Members, as well as supporting ZNA America.
  • ZNA Membership-Japanese:  For $160.00, our ZNA Japanese Membership includes all the benefits of our standard and ZNA Membership, a subscription to the Japanese Version of Nichirin magazine, as well as supporting ZNA America.
Are you a Current Member of the NWKGC?

If you have paid your 2024 Standard Membership Dues of $20.00 and would like to upgrade to a ZNA Membership, just CLICK HERE to upgrade for only $95.00 !


How Do I Join?

There are two easy options to join the NWKGC!

  1. Download our Membership Application by CLICKING HERE.  You can print out the application, fill it out and mail it to us along with your membership payment.
  2. Come to one of your monthly meetings as a guest and join then.  CLICK HERE for details of our next monthly meeting.

If you would like more information about our club, please feel free to contact either of us.

Leora Gregory   589-737-1414

Bill Layman    503-422-0620

Club Website:

Annual Dues are due in January and are $20.00 per family per year.  Newsletters are delivered via email only.  For new members, dues paid after October 1 will include membership for the following year as well.