2019 ZNA Membership Information

2019 ZNA Membership Drive!

NW Koi and Goldfish Club’s Annual “ZNA NW Chapter” Membership Drive is in full swing! This is for ZNA Membership only. There is a limited time to join as it ends on March 24, 2019.

Tony Prew (one of our clubs original ZNA Members) and the owner of All Japan Koi is giving us a challenge to increase our ZNA membership this year (last year we had 26 members). Tony has been traveling to Japan for almost 30 years. Over the years he’s attended a number of ZNA Shows, seminars and knows the importance of ZNAs’ presence here in America and particularly our club’s ZNA importance here in the Northwest. Tony has learned so much and met so many respected Breeders over the years.

As a “Thank You” to all of us Mr. Prew has generously donated a “Show Quality” Shiro Utsuri from the world famous Omosaku Bloodline, to be won by one of the ZNA members signing up this year!!! This Shiro Utsuri is about 12” and from what Mr. Prew can tell, is a female. Still a Tategoi (future koi with a lot of potential) it has a very good future ahead of it, as the photo shows. This koi has a value of $1,000 currently (cannot be redeemed for cash).

Rules are simple. For every paid ZNA membership the club receives (by March 24, 2019), that membership will be put in for the drawing. At the end of the membership drive, our club President, Bill Layman will draw the winning number at our April club meeting!
Pickup of the koi is done locally. If you are a member outside of the Portland area and not able to pick up the koi locally you will need to make arrangements to have the koi shipped to you, at your expense.

As a note, this koi has recently arrived from Japan, is currently in quarantine and going through protocol and testing procedures. Should something happen to it during the quarantine, it will be replaced with a koi of equal type and value.

We want to “Thank” Tony for this very special offering as his friendship, hard work and support has meant so much to this club over the years. So, lets show him how much we all appreciate this donation and sign up today! Good Luck Everyone.

***For more information or questions, contact Larry Christensen, ZNA Rep at 503-531-3303 or email: Lrcconst@hevanet.com.

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Once again it’s that time of year to submit ZNA memberships.  Membership’s through the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club (ZNA NW Chapter) has allowed our club to be part of a world wide recognized organization.ZNA America has now grown to twelve clubs.  Doors are opening through the ZNA organization to koi keepers like yourself.  Part of your membership entitles you to receive a monthly publication called Nichirin.   This magazine is full of informative materials from around the world in regards to koi.  As a member of this organization, your membership links you to fellow koi enthusiasts both near and afar.  Seminars are available at regional ZNA Shows, which any ZNA member can attend for a discounted registration fee or free, in some cases.  A number of our members travel abroad each year. If contacts are made with other ZNA members in that area you will meet a whole new group of friends with your same interests.


We hope you will begin to support ZNA through the NW Koi & Goldfish Club (ZNA NW Chapter).  This year’s special ZNA membership fee for NW Club members is $93.00 (US Funds), which includes prorated foreign currency conversion and bank transfer fees to Japan. The Club has again so generously voted to offset $20.00 towards each ZNA membership for 2019You must be a current paid NW Club member, in good standing, and agree to receive your club newsletters by email to receive this special rateZNA membership fees are due now, as we must send off to Japan by March 24, 2019.  Don’t delay, as this is a once a year opportunity to enroll.  We want you to enjoy all the benefits of your membership in this organization and begin receiving your individual issues of Nichirin magazine to add to your personal library.


Thanking you in advance for your support.


Larry Christensen, ZNA Membership Chairman

NW Koi & Goldfish Club (ZNA NW Chapter)

Home:  (503) 531-3303

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